Maker Navigator inc is a nonprofit (501c3) partnering with schools, libraries, and other youth serving organizations to synchronize formal & informal education and increase opportunities for ALL young people to realize and achieve full potential; facilitating maker education programs to foster curiosity & creativity and build skills & confidence.

Join the Maker Navigator Community

  • Increase Maker Ed opportunities to ensure  ALL kids have access to innovative, safe, and well equipped learning & making environments, both in and out of school time.
  • Provide access to the equipment, tools, technology, and materials to engage and inspire the next generation of innovators: 3D Printers, Electronics, Textiles & Soft Circuits, and a variety of other prototyping tools & materials.
  • Support youth serving organizations in the iterative development of scaffolding Maker Education Programs and dedicated spaces for making and innovation.
  • Increase opportunities for educators, program providers, and parents to collaborate, learn, and share knowledge, skills, ideas, experiences, and resources to mentor, inspire, engage, and empower k-12 youth.
  • Coordinate & pool resources to create a life-long learning community for educators, program providers, parents, and students – innovators that solve real world problems.
  • Develop strategies to overcome time, funding, and staffing challenges associated with authentic and experiential learning programs – Maker Education.
  • Stimulate imagination, curiosity, creativity and innovation.