What we do!

Traveling Maker Space:  Funded by local philanthropist to provide  equitable access to a collection of tools, equipment, technology, and materials with the flexibility to be  efficiently managed in libraries, schools, and other youth serving organizations. With mobile and adaptable shelving, storage, and equipment, a maker space is installed and set-up to offer open access in both formal & informal maker ed programs.  It includes a little bit of everything from 3D printers, sewing machines, microcontrollers, and soldering irons to duct tape, scissors, and cardboard. Most importantly, the space serves as the gathering place to share ideas, knowledge, and skills.

Innovation Academy: Located at 10080 121st Street in Fisher, Indiana, Maker Navigator is building a Model Maker Space to offer Maker Education opportunities to  local youth and training and support to youth serving organizations.  In addition to providing a safe experiential learning environment, managed by licensed educators,  for kids while parents are at work or running errands, the center will serve as a training facility for Maker Navigator schools and libraries preparing to launch a Maker Education Program. Learn more at http://www.MNIacademy.org

Curriculum & Programming:  Maker Navigator provides framework, content, and instructional strategies that differentiate to appeal to diverse ability levels and learning styles; targeting makers of all ages in both formal and informal settings.  Active learning techniques are utilized to challenge and motivate learners with formative assessment and feedback that builds confidence and skill; utilizing a blend of cognitive and behaviorist learning approaches with an emphasis on the constructivist approach.   The informal, out-of-school time, programming is interest-driven;  designed and facilitated to encourage participants  go in their own direction and become self-directed knowledge & solution seekers.  Kids experiment and explore to “uncover” and generate  theories and ideas, at their own pace with maker coaches on-hand to assist; differentiates to diverse interest, ability levels, and learning styles.  The projects developed for the in-school component are directly aligned with content & process standards to apply and deepen understanding of prior content knowledge.  Maker workshops, camps, and afterschool programs are scheduled for summer 2016 and will be updated at the end of each month.

Maker Education is a great way to foster innovation, and implement Genius Hour, in the formal classroom setting! Maker Navigator Inc, offers access to the resources and support educators need to build and grow a scaffolding and sustainable maker ed program.

Training & Professional Development: Maker Navigator has developed, and currently piloting to test, a systematic approach to instructional design for an experiential learning environment and a training program delivered to motivate and inspire both formal and informal educators to be facilitators, aka Maker Coaches: guides on the side.  The training program is designed to prepare Maker Coaches to utilize active learning techniques and avoid crossing the line that confuses setting learners up for success with not allowing them to fail. The training & framework serves as a guide for program providers to manage an interest-driven learning environment that builds confidence to inspire the youth they serve to be knowledge and solution seekers – innovators.

Want to learn more?  Submit contact form on home page.

pure geniusWe look forward to working with elementary educators joining Don Wettrick’s Pure Genius Team in the Genius Hour movement.

Learn more from Don Wettrick, Innovation Coordinator at Noblesville High School and author of Pure Genius.  Visit www.theinnovationteacher.com

Maker Education is a great way to implement genius hour in the elementary classroom!


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